Ninja Motivation From Real Ninjas!

Grab their attention

What better way to hook our students in than with Matt and Ackbar, hosts of NBC's American Ninja Warrior, being the introduction and closing program hype videos?

Generate excitement

With a new video every month from a popular American Ninja Warrior veteran, congratulating and encouraging continued athletic success!

Keep it easy!

Utilize your school's morning news to show the videos once a month as a whole-group reaching encouragement tool!

Matt Iseman Kids Ninja Fitness Introduction!

The man to get the hype train started!

Tracking Your Data

A quick example of how I've streamlined data collection in a fast, intuitive manner

Maggi Thorne Motivational Video

Can be played at any time either in class or over the morning news!

Devin "Dougie Fresh" Harrelson Motivational Video

Dougie bringing in his charm and FRESH light-up shoes!

Virginia MaColl, Motivational Video!

At 67 years young, Virginia MaColl shows us that fitness can be a lifestyle for a lifetime! Not only is she Jessie Graff's mother, she's a legitimate competing Ninja herself!

Morgan "Moose" Wright Motivational Video

The "Moose" himself keeping it fun and fresh! Fun fact: He's an elementary school PE teacher!

Jessie Graff Motivational Video!

The iconic Jessie Graff herself, sharing wisdom and motivation for our kids who have made it to the "National Finals" in their schools!

Jamie Rahn "Captain NBC" motivational Video

Jamie bringing his famous rainbow hair to Kids Ninja Fitness to keep the kids engaged!

Jeff Harvey KNF Motivational Video!

Season 8 City Finalist and ANW Top Tester Jeff Harvey showing off his skills while cheering on the kids!

Ethan "Supahnaut" KNF Motivational Video!

Season 10 ANW competitor Ethan showing off his athletic skill and that cheerful spirit!

Akbar Gbaja-Biamila

American Ninja Warrior Co-Host Akbar congratulating the kids who put in the time and effort to make it to the TOP!