What is "Kids Ninja Fitness"?

Elective Fitness Testing


For decades, elementary PE teachers have conducted mandatory fitness testing. I noticed that it had minimal impact on motivating fit kids, and a notably negative impact on those who weren't as fit. Kids Ninja Fitness is a fully-inclusive program where we utilize motivation and goal-setting to help our students become life-long lovers of fitness!

Creates Incentive


While 100% elective, I've worked hard to find ways to get kids to "buy into" fitness, specifically by pairing the testing with the popular NBC TV show "American Ninja Warrior". There are "stages" for each area you as their PE teacher choose to test with certificates to match!

Keeps it Positive


So rather than force fitness testing, this is a creatively fun way to encourage kids to step up on their own. This is a free-to-use venture I've created from seeing a need in today's physical educational setting and acting upon it. My sincere hope is that PE teachers across our great nation embrace this as an alternative way for elementary school fitness testing! 


Who I Am

Seasoned PE Teacher

PE Teacher of the Year four times
Golden Apple Award Recipient
Public Speaker

Army Veteran (Afghanistan)

Three-time Ninja Warrior Competitor

Thankfully the show likes school teachers who wear moose hats! Classroom-friendly link below if you'd like to see how the latest season of ANW went!

My latest Ninja Run!

Why I'm Doing This

I want to keep exercise as fun and motivational as possible for kids. My goal is to inspire kids to understand that a strong mind NEEDS a strong body to succeed in this day and age!